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Suburban Homes

Land Development and Planning

  • Site Selection 

  • Subdivision 

  • Due Diligence

  • Master Plans and Site plans

  • NPDES Permit Applications

  • Boundary Surveying

  • Landscape Design

  • Commercial Development

  • Residential Development

  • Mixed Use Development

  • Erosion and Sedimentation Plans

  • Zoning

  • Permitting

Turning an untouched piece of land into an amazing residential development, mixed use, or commercial establishment. Built to the clients specifications in a timely manner. Whether its building a house for an individual owner or for a developer who wants to build an entire  development, we can provide all of the design services and permitting to include roads, sewers, storm water, community centers, community pools, pedestrian walkways or bridges, water features, etc. We can make your project the most sought after in the area.

We feel it's important to understand the impact a potential development will have on a certain area. Whether that's economically, culturally, or aesthetically, we weigh all of these factors in at the planning stage, to see if a development can be profitable for the client, and beneficial to the community.

  • Traffic Impact and Assessments

  • Highway Occupancy Permits

  • Highway Design

  • Roundabout design

  • Signal Analysis

  • Trip Generation

  • Roadway Planning and Design

  • Stormwater Management

  • Water and Sanitary Sewer Design

  • Pavement and Sidewalk Design

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