Modern Neighborhood

Land Development and Planning


  • Site Selection 

  • Subdivision 

  • Due Diligence

  • Master Plans and Site plans

  • NPDES Permit Applications

  • Boundary Surveying

  • Landscape Design

  • Commercial Development

  • Residential Development

  • Mixed Use Development

  • Erosion and Sedimentation Plans

  • Zoning

  • Permitting

Turning an untouched piece of land into an amazing residential development, mixed use, or commercial establishment. Built to the clients specifications in a timely manner. 

We feel it's important to understand the impact a potential development will have on a certain area. Whether that's economically, culturally, or aesthetically, we weigh all of these factors in at the planning stage, to see if a development can be profitable for the client, and beneficial to the community.



Mark Allen P.E. P.L.S.

President and Owner